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COVID-19 has had a great impact on educational institutions. The government settled the new guidelines for the new school lives and for basic pandemic prevention. Here puts the guidelines and useful sites for students to study by themselves for supporting their study.

Basic Info

1. When the school is temporarily closed

As a general rule, if a student or a teacher is found to be infected, part or all of the school will be temporarily closed until a close contact is identified by the health center. Subsequent measures will differ depending on the infection situation in the school and area.

2. School infection control

Each school settles a health management system in cooperation with school doctors and school pharmacists, such as thorough ventilation, use of masks, and cough etiquette.

3. Is it mandatory to wear a mask at school?
Basically, it is preferable to wear a mask. However, if the climate and circumstances predict that wearing a mask will lead to health hazards, it is not necessary to wear a mask.
4. Things to care when your child goes to school

Before going to school, check the temperature and cold symptoms every morning. If you have a cold symptom, you may have to absent school after contacting and consulting with the school. In that case, it will not be treated as absent.

For students with underlying illness, consult your doctor or school doctor. If it is determined that attendance should not be made, it will not be considered as “absence days”.

5. Worried about delays in education

Where each school responds so that there is no significant delay in student learning. It is considered necessary to build an educational system that combines various devices such as teaching materials using tablets, including home study. The school board and the school are informed to take all possible measures as a supplementary lesson.

6. Worried about the impact on the exam
When evaluating grades in high school entrance exams and university entrance exams, the range of questions is reset after giving notice to give special consideration. In addition, it is considered that the test will be conducted as usual after taking measures such as infection control at the test site and securing an opportunity to take the test if the test cannot be taken due to infection. For details, refer to the website of each examination school.
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Additional Info

There are various online study contents provided by MEXT, educational industry and others. See the following websites and try them.

※These are for students but not particularly for foreign students.