Muslim-Friendly Consultation and Assistance Service

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We are an international NGO that aims to build a conflict-free world and peace through reintegration support and humanitarian assistance to young people, especially those left behind in conflict zones. This website is operated by Accept International, a non-profit organization, with the aim of sharing with Japanese society the wisdom and ideas we have learned through more than 10 years of activities in Islamic countries such as Somalia and Yemen, and to support foreigners who need assistance in Japan.


I am having trouble with my child’s exam questions and correspondence with his/her teacher.

We can help you with your child’s exam questions, translation of letters from school, and correspondence with teachers. Please feel free to contact us.

My child is having trouble adjusting to school.

We run a place where children can feel safe and secure. For more information, please check “Children’s Place ( )”. Alternatively, our staff is available for consultation. Please feel free to contact us.

I want to study Japanese.

We offer free Japanese language classes for beginners. We are also available for intermediate and higher-level students.

My income has decreased and I have no money to buy food.

We hold a Halal food distribution once a month. For more information, please check Halal Food Bank ( ).