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Financial Support ※updated May 17, 2022

  • Various support programs for people in financial distress due to the spread of COVID-19

Food Aid

  • Halal food support by ACCEPT INTERNATIONAL
  • We can help you find a food bank near you
  • Help you get their support smoothly

Vaccination ※Released August 5th,2021

  • Order of the Vaccination
  • Flow to Receive the Vaccination
  • Information when you are experiencing symptoms

Coronavirus Helplines ※Updated August 7th,2021

  • About symptoms of COVID-19
  • What to do if you may be infected with COVID-19, and if you have symptoms

Infection Prevention in Everyday Life

  • “New daily life” for preventing the spread of infection
  • 8 points to watch out for at home
  • About COVID-19 Contact Confirming Application (COCOA)

VISA/ Residence Qualification

  • Residency applications for foreign nationals under the circumstances of COVID-19
  • Extension of the period for acceptance of residency applications

About job

  • Financial support for the unemployed
  • Job search support
  • For more Detail of Hello Work


  • New government-determined school life and new guidelines and useful sites for basic pandemic prevention.
  • Various online study contents provided by MEXT, educational industry and others.

For international students

  • Assistance for all students at Japanese universities or other educational institutions who have difficulty continuing their research due to COVID-19
  • VISA information and financial support for students affected by the COVID-19 epidemic


If you have symptoms of the COVID-19, first of all,
please contact the COVID-19 Consultation Hotline or your primary doctor.
If they tell you to take the PCR test, its cost is covered at public expense.
However, to examine your symptoms at a medical institution or to decide if you need
the PCR test, the fee for examination and first visit are charged.
If you would like to get the PCR test without symptoms or without a request by a doctor,
it costs you ¥20,000-40,000.

It is strictly restricted to dismiss employees due to the COVID-19 and
companies cannot fire easily. Do not give up yet.
You can still contest dismissal even if you do not wish to return to work for your employer.
The issue requires expert’s judgement and law analysis,
please contact Free Consultation Service(Telephone/Email).

If you meet some requirements, such as you will work at the same activity content as you did before,
the period of your residence qualification can be extended.
There are employment support organizations to assist foreing workers in Japan.
Do not give up yet.

There are employment support organizations, homeless shelters, temporary accommodations,
and financial support for foreing people too. Do not give up yet.
If you need any support, please contact Free Consultation Service(Telephone/Email).

We will consult and support any problems, even if which are complicated and you cannot consult the government.
Please contact Free Consultation Service(Telephone/Email).

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We are receiving a high number of requests and therefore the response time is longer than usual.
We will answer your enquiry at first come-first served basis and as soon as possible.
In case we are unable to answer your call, we will call you back as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.