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Basic information

ワクチン接種(厚生労働省) / Information about Vaccination from Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare(only written in Japanese) 

From the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, We are using Vaccines made by Pfizer Inc. The vaccines are supposed to take twice.

The Order of the Vaccination

  1. doctors or those who work in the medical institution.
  2. senior citizens
  3. those who have the underlying disease
  4. everyone else who is not applicable above three one

The Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare will provide us the information about Vaccines in detail in order. 

They are going to try to finish the process of giving a vaccination by next February.

※The full cost of vaccination is free of charge.

The Flow to Receive the Vaccination

  1. you are supposed to receive  “Vaccination Coupon” and “Notification of Novel Coronavirus Vaccination” from Municipalities before taking the Vaccination in advance.
  2. you need to keep and show the  Vaccination Number Card (coupon) and “identification documents (such as my number card, driver’s license, health insurance card) ” for the reservation. 
  3.  you are able to reserve the vaccination by phone call or internet.
  4. you are supposed to follow the guidelines from the municipality.

For those who have difficulty hearing, please refer to the below link.

東京都福祉保健局(Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health)


(only written in Japanese)

Additional Info

When you are experiencing symptoms

If you have a primary care doctor

Please call to consult your doctor or medical institution.

If you do not have a primary care doctor

Please refer to this page to check call number of the Public Health Center where you live. In addition, you can cinsult by LINE or Fax. 

「帰国者・接触者電話相談センター」を設置(第8報)|東京都 (only written in Japanese)

 Weekends (the whole day)Weekdays (night time 17:00 ~ 9:00)

TEL: 03-5320-4592 (Tokyo)

Please refer to the above page to check each call number of the Public Health Center where you live.

You are suspected of being infected with COVID-19 by a doctor or COVID-19 Consultation Hotline

The COVID-19 Consultation Hotline or a doctor will introduce a medical institution or a PCR testing center.


You will be admitted to a designated medical institution or lodging facility to receive treatment.


You will be asked to stay at home in case you may be infected with Coronavirus.

However, if you do not feel better, please consult your doctor or the COVID-19 Consultation Hotline.

You would be demanded not to need a medical examination

Please manage your symptoms at home.

However, if you do not improve your condition, please consult your doctor or the COVID-19 Consultation Hotline.

※When you go to a medical institution, please wear a mask and avoid using public transportation as much as possible.

※Please avoid visiting several medical institutions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

When you are experiencing Severe Symptoms

Your symptoms will be diagnosed by a doctor and if the doctor judges the severe symptoms, you will need to follow the doctor’s instructions, you are supposed to get hospitalized.

If not that, you need to do home recuperation or accommodation medical treatment. 


About the hospitalized, criteria of discharge are supposed to pass 10 days after infection, or after 72 hours since being Symptomatology remission, and must be PCR test negative.

In addition, the Health center supports psychological support to rehabilitate. 

Symptoms of COVID-19

※It takes 2-14 days from when someone is infected with the virus for symptoms to show( 5-6 days on average)

※Please avoid going out when you have symptoms.

※When you have symptoms, please keep a record of your body temperature and the time when you took it.

※When your body temperature is higher than 37.5℃, it is generally considered a fever. However, it depends on individuals, please consider your usual body temperature.

Please refer to the below page to check the specific symptoms of COVID-19.