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Basic Info

For preventing the spread of infection, it is important to avoid 3Cs.

    1. Closed spaces with poor ventilation.
    2. Crowded places with many people nearby.
    3. Close-contact settings such as close-range conversations.

The risk of occurrence of clusters is particularly high when the “Three Cs” overlap!

“New daily life” for preventing the spread of infection

    1. Wearing masks and washing hands.
    2. Preventing Three Cs.
    3. Keeping Social Distance.
    4. Cough etiquette

※Cough etiquette: Wear a mask or cover your mouth and nose with a tissue etc. If you suddenly sneeze or cough do so into your elbow or inside your jacket. Keep as far away as possible from other people.

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Additional Info

If your family is doubted to infect COVID-19, please pay attention to 8 points in home.

    1. A room of an infected patient and other housemates is separated.
      It is important to make sure that the infected patient won’t go out of the room to the utmost and reduce contact with a person. Infected patient’s behavior is restricted, sharing space is used with a minimum and the ventilation is done sufficiently.
      In addition, it is ideal to take a meal and sleep in a separate room.
      ※If it is impossible to divide a room, it is still effective put curtain to separate the room, and leep at least 2m from others.
    2. The person who cares for an infected patient should be limited as much as possible.
      Moreover, it is better to avoid the person who have a chronic disease especially on diabetes, immunity fell and who are infants and pregnant women.
    3. All housemates wear a mask even inside of the house.
      In order to spread a virus, not only an infected patient and the person who care the patient but also others should wear masks.
      ※When you remove a mask, be careful not to touch the surface of the masks. And then please be sure to wash hands with soap or sterilize hands.
    4. All housemates gargle and wash hands frequently.
    5. Get ventilate and fresh air into home frequently during the daytime.
      It is necessary to get fresh air at least twice an hour.
    6. Disinfect the sharing space such as handles, knobs.
      Sharing spaces should be disinfected with a sodium hypochlorite of 0.05% (tinned bleach) or alcohol because a virus is possible to live for a while on a thing.In addition, it is necessary to separate dishes and clothes before washing (when they are washed, it is unnecessary to be separated).
    7. Soiled linens and clothes are washed to keep clean.
    8. Trash is made airtight and it’s thrown away.

COVID-19 Contact Confirming Application (COCOA)

COCOA is a smartphone app that enables you to receive notifications about the possibility of contact with someone infected with the novel with someone infected with the nobel COVID-19.

Effective in preventing the spread of infection

You will be able to quickly detect the possibility that you have come into contact with a positive person and get medical support as soon as possible. This is extremely effective means of preventing the spread of COVID-19 with keeping socio-economic activities.

Leads to smooth inspection

The new coronavirus has been found to be at increased risk of infection one to two days before the onset of symptoms in the infected. Therefore, in order to protect yourself and others, it is important for those who may have come into contact with positive people to be able to undergo the test smoothly.

This app will send notifications to the infected person’s smartphone “in the last 14 days”, “within approximately 1 meter”, and “in close proximity for 15 minutes or more.” You can quickly detect that you may have become a contact. In addition, along with the notification, contact information such as contact outpatients in each prefecture will be provided.

In addition, when you receive Notification about the possibility of contact with a positive person by the app, you can consult without cost burdens.

The Japanese Government  does not use or collect personal information through this app.

This app is an app that gives maximum consideration to privacy. There is no such thing as “being able to grasp personal information” or “being a close contact is known to the general public”.

Therefore, there is no need to enter personally identifiable information such as name, phone number, and email address. Information that is in close proximity to other smartphones cannot be tracked, and all information will be automatically deleted after 14 days.

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Infection Prevention Drastic Declaration Sticker (only in Tokyo)

Restaurants and shops can get the “Infection Prevention Drastic Declaration Sticker” by implementing all the items on the check sheet for each industry for the infection control measures. Thus, you are relieved to use shops which have the sticker.

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