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Basic Information

There are various support programs for those who have financial difficulty due to the spread of COVID-19. These are for  (1) individuals and (2) business owners provided by civil organizations as well as the government and municipalities.


Please be aware of that we are not a donor organisation providing financial support.
Instead, we connect foreign residents in need with other donor agencies such as local authorities or governments for financial assistance. 

For those who are infected with COVID-19

In case you couldn’t receive the leave allowance from your employer or company                                           

⇒You may be able to apply for Allowance for injuries and diseases.

>Allowance for injuries and diseases

This system provides income security to those insured by health insurance who are absent from work for over three days for medical treatment of illness or injury caused by reasons other than work-related accidents. 

Those who are infected with the coronavirus infection and are unable to work due to medical treatment are also eligible.


Allowance for injuries and diseases | It is health insurance at such time | Japan Health Insurance Association (

【How to apply】

  1. Download the application form in the following link. Health insurance allowance for injuries and diseases supply application | Application | Japan Health Insurance Association (
  2. Fill out the documents. ※Some documents must be filled by employer and doctor (medical institution).
  3. Mail the application documents to the branch indicated on your insurance card


This proceeds for the Allowance for those who enrolled in the company’s health insurance.                                 

If your insurance is national health insurance(kokumin kenko hoken), please check the city hall’s website.

For those who are forced to be absent from work due to a close contact with COVID-19 Patients

In case you couldn’t receive the leave allowance from your employer or company                                           

⇒You may be able to apply for The Support Fund and Allowance for the Leave Forced to be Taken under the COVID-19 Outbreak.

>The Support Fund and Allowance for the Leave Forced to be Taken under the COVID-19 Outbreak

If you are forced to take a day off by your employer due to COVID-19 from October 1st 2021 to September 30th 2022 , and meet the following two main conditions, you will be paid 80% of the wage before taking the leave.


1) Employees of small and medium sized companies who were/are on leave during  the period mentioned above due to the instruction of the employer.

2) Those who have not been paid their wages (or leave allowance) for the leave mentioned in 1).

【Details】000648770.pdf (

The dates in this file were not updated,  please check the latest information in the following link.

(Japanese)新型コロナウイルス感染症対応休業支援金・給付金 (

【How to apply】

・You can apply via mail

  1. Please follow the Guidance below.                                                                 


Sample of application forms(English): 000655252.pdf (

2. Mail the application documents to the following address

〒600-8799 Nihon Yubin Kabusikigaisha Kyoto Chuo Yubinkyoku Ryuchi

Kousei Roudousho Singata Corona Uirusu Kansensho Taiou Kyugyo Shienkin・Kyuhukin 


〒600-8799 日本郵便株式会社 京都中央郵便局留置                       

厚生労働省 新型コロナウイルス感染症対応休業支援金・給付金担当

・You can apply online

※only Japanese

consultation service

  • Such programs may change rapidly and most information is only available in Japanese (application documents must also be submitted in Japanese). Therefore, if you are unsure which support you can get, or need help with anything for submitting your application, please don’t hesitate to contact us once.
  • Operating hours: 10am to 6pm on weekdays

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Free Consultation Service

Additional Information

(1) For Individuals

Temporary Loan Emergency Funds (Emergency Small Amount Fund & General Support Funds)

There are two types of funds in Temporary Loan Emergency Funds: Emergency Small Amount Fund & General Support Funds. The former is for households facing temporary stoppage of work, and the latter is for households with the Covid-related unemployed. The number of households eligible for the loans under this system will be expanded to include non-low-income households struggling for their living expenses as a result of temporary stoppage of work or unemployment.  ※The deadline for the application has been extended to the end of August 2022. Please contact the Social Welfare Council of your municipality.

【For More Details】
Housing Security Benefit

If you are unable to pay for the rent due to income decrease caused by business shutdown etc., you are eligible for the benefit.

【For More Details】
Single-parent family housing support fund loan with redemption exemption

This is an interest-free loan with exemption from reimbursement for funds for renting a house to single parents who are making efforts to become independent through employment.

【For More Details】

(2) For Business Owners

Business Restructure Subsidy

This is for small and medium-sized enterprises that are willing to undertake drastic business restructuring, such as venturing into new fields, change in business category, change in business or industry, business restructuring or expansion of scale through these efforts.

【For More Details】
Special Loan for COVID-19 by Japan Finance Corporation and Okinawa Promotion Development Finance Corporation

This aid is for business owners who temporarily deteriorate due to COVID-19, but who are expected to recover and develop in the medium to long term. 

Subsidy for Elementary School Closure

Employers can get this aid if you allow employees to take paid leaves in order to take care of their children due to the school closure. The application deadline is on May 31st 2022 for the paid leaves taken in the period of January 1st 2022 to March 31st 2022.