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Especially important

◆Foreigners who have been dismissed due to the effects of the COVID-19 can receive the same support as Japanese people. Here, we have summarized (1) financial support for the unemployed and (2) job search support.

◆There is a lot of support from the government. But please contact us if it is difficult to understand the explanation, or if you can’t consult with the government due to your visa has expired and any other reasons.

(1) Financial support for the employed

Basic Info

◆Even with the effect of COVID-19, it is impossible for your employer to dismiss you, to refuse renewal of your employment agreement and to cancel job offers. Moreover, you can still contest dismissals or non-renewals even if you do not wish to return to work for your employer.

◆Each person has a different situation and it is extremely difficult to identify the suitable measures and organizations for solving your trouble. So, please contact us when you have any consideration.

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Free Consultation Service

(2) Job search support

Basic info

Foreign Residents Support Center (FRESC)

FRESC accepts any consutations from foreigners about lives affected by COVID-19. You can tell by phone from non-Jaoanese!


After you quit a job, you can get unemployment insurance or you can find a job through HelloWork. You are also able to look for jobs all over Japan. Some HelloWork centers are specialized for foreing workers.

Contact list
Recommended Job Search Engine  
  WeXpats Jobs

*Click on the Language tab and you can access by your language !
*Search by where to work, or approach by Japanese skills.
*Have Job offers over 20,000; supported 11 languages.

Part Time Job
Yolo Japan

Yolo Japan is one of the biggest recruitment websites for foreing workers.

Yolo Japan
Language: English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Portuguese
bff Tokyo
This website helps you to search part time jobs in Japan. In addition, you can resister subscribing email about job hunting.
Language: simple Japanese, English

就pan is a site which connects corporations recruiting foreing workers and specified skilled workers who wish to work in Japan. After you register with the site, you are able to start looking for jobs all over Japan.

Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreingers(東京都外国人雇用サービスセンター)
This institution supports foreing job seekers including foreign students who seek employment in Japan.
Specified Skilled Worker
Job Present

This is an employment site specialized for specified skilled workers to look for a job. It assists you to apply for the residence qualification, to make a contract of house, social insurance, etc. as well as job employment.

Job Present
Language: Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese
特定技能ナビ(Specified skilled Navigation)

This is an employment site specialized for specified skilled workers to look for a job. It manages all around Japan and all kinds of occupations.

Language: Japanese, Vietnamese

Additional Info

For more Detail of Hello Work

HelloWork Centers open from 8:30~17:15.

※We recommend you to visit there from 9:00 to 17:00.

It takes time for consultation and the procedure to apply for a job.

People who use HelloWork for the first time need to submit some forms to apply for a job.

It takes 30-40 min for consultations and to fill out applications.

In the morning (8:30~9:00), lunch time (12:00~13:00), and evening (17:00), it is more difficult to contact offices which recruit workers than at other times. We recommend you to visit a HelloWork Center except these times.

If you wish to have an interview with a company on the next day after you visit a HelloWork Center, because there is a case when it is hard to make its plan, we recommend you to visit in the morning

You are also able to search for a job on HelloWork Internet Service.
Support related to Hello Work

● How to read job-offering information

Language: English, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Chinese

● How to fill in a job application form

Language: English, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Chinese

● If job offering information is wrong from the actual working conditions, please contact HelloWork job offer hotline.

TEL: 03-6858-8609
8:30~17:15 (excluding the end of year and new year)
【For more detail】