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Activity Report in July

In July, there were 35 consultation requests from foreigners in Japan to our assistance service. Their contents are wide-ranging, for example, the Covid-19 vaccination, employment, food support, and the entry to Japan from the countries restricted to immigration. However, their major consultation is about financial difficulties. 


We provided information about the financial aid by the Japanese government and assisted the application preparation for more than 20 people in the last month. We connected them to the social welfare council, ward office, city hall, and Hello Work to properly obtain the financial aid. Currently, many of them are in the application process, and some have already gotten it.


If necessary, we accompany you or attend the meeting as a translator with governmental officers and experts, like lawyers and administrative scriveners, to complete the application procedure as much of its information and submission forms are available only in Japanese. 


Due to the prolonged pandemic, the Japanese government has established new financial support programs for struggling people. Those who have already received the aid before are also eligible for it. Please do not give up.


If you have any difficulties, please feel free to contact us anytime. We will do our best to support you.

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